The Meaning of Satya Graha

“Satya” is the Sanskrit word for “Truth.” The word “Graha” means “holding to.” Satya Graha, commonly translated as “Truth Force,” is the name that Mahatma Gandhi gave to his movement of social change through nonviolence. Gandhi, born in India in 1869 and educated as a lawyer in England, first used civil disobedience to change race laws against Indians in South Africa. He later applied the same tactics to win Independence for India from British rule. He was assasinated in 1948. Martin Luther King Jr. remains Gandhi’s most outstanding heir; many of Gandhi’s Satya Graha strategies were used by Dr. King in his civil rights movment for racial equality and social justice.

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The Satya Graha Forum

In April 2008 the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center will perform Satyagraha, the opera by Philip Glass about Mahatma Gandhi and Satya Graha, his movement of social change through nonviolence. On the occasion of the opera, and in coordination with Philip Glass, The Satya Graha Forum will promote events throughout New York City that will discuss various approaches to Satya Graha and its relevance today. The Satya Graha Forum is a 501(c )(3) not-for-profit organization established under the laws of the State of New York.

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